National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and skills. The Standards express ‘what an individual need to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function’.

NOS can be used in a wide range of human resource management and development and have both economic and social outcomes.

The different NOS usage includes:

  • Provide a tool for a wide variety of workforce management and quality control.
  • Offer a framework to design training and educational Programs.
  • Set standards for selection and recruitment.
  • Provide guidelines for certification/accreditation.
Benefits for Employers:
  • Improve quality and Increase productivity.
  • Reduce recruitment costs by providing criteria for the selection of employees.
  • Provide a means for better human resources planning.
  • Help effective skills upgrading.
Benefits for Employees:
  • Identify the skills and knowledge needed for occupations.
  • Provide a reference to assess ability and training needs.
  • Identify and support career paths.
  • Increase mobility within industries.