SSU Governing Board

Aqla Al Maskari

Director of Local Resources Development, Ministry of Energy and Minerals

Mrs. Aqla Nasser Al Maskariassigned as the Manager of the ICV Program Management Office. Maintaining the PMO office as a single point of contact for ICV related matters and managing the ICV strategy development process going forward.
Aqla?s role as an ICV manager involves Ensuring Strong liaison with the Oil and Gas CP Managers and HR Managers ICV sub-committees in setting the Energy industry ICV KPIs and besides, engaging with other government departments as and when required, e.g. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Manpower etc.
Aqla has occupied several roles within the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, including the oil & gas revenue department focusing on the Gas supply Agreements and LNG invoicing. In addition, a project investment head in the Directorate of Planning and Petroleum studies.