The Learning Hub is one of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Human Resource ICV committee initiatives stewardship by OPAL.

The Learning Hub platform aim to serve and support Training Providers, Assessment Centers, Learners, Companies and Funding Agencies, it is an end-to-end automated workflow supporting registration, approvals, certifications, verification and pledging process.

This platform aimed to:

  1. Develop competent national petroleum professionals in all technical processes and across the Oil & Gas industry entire value chain.
  2. Support the industry by setting the minimum operational standards for Training Providers across the sector to ensure delivery quality and effectiveness are maintained by conducting regular inspections and audits.
  3. Support the industry Training Providers, driving efficiency, effectiveness and quality by providing a centralized entity.
  4. Support learners by assisting with the administration of the Apprenticeship programs, securing sponsorship pledges and assisting them to achieve professional recognition through a network of internationally recognized professional institutes (IMechE, IET, IChemE, InstMC..).